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Floor-Defender™ Premium Safe Tack Tape Provides the Protection of Painter's Tape with Much More Superior Bonding Strength Contractors Need

Floor-Defender™ Premium Safe Tack Tape provides the performance and safety of Painter's Tape with the grip you need that lasts from project start to finish.

Floor-Defender™ Premium Safe Tack Tape Provides these Benefits:

  • EXTREMELY ECONOMICAL High Performance for the same price as other less-performing safety tapes

  • DURABLE Will not wear out and will last from project start to finish

  • TEARS EASILY Easy Installation. Just measure length, rip, and apply

  • SAFE Will not pull up any part of newly or pre-finished floors

  • NO DAMAGE Will not leave a sticky residue on finished flooring surfaces after removal

Installation Instructions:

  • Use with Floor-Defender™ Premium Temporary Floor Protection Fabric Rolls

  • Surface must be dry, clean, and free of any debris before applying product

  • Unroll Floor-Defender to desired length and cut

  • Turn over cut sheet so roll memory is facing surface to be protected

  • Tape seams and edges; measure tape length, rip, and apply

Floor-Defender™ Safe Tack Tape is your best choice for protecting your finished floors on any construction project

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